EcoPark - EcoStore

EcoPark & EcoStore are initiatives of Shepparton Access.

Both our EcoPark and EcoStore initiatives promote ecological sustainability and offer you a variety of learning adventures.  The adventures are exciting, diverse and accessible.

Some of the favourite activities at EcoPark are working in the vegetable gardens, propagating in the greenhouse, maintaining the worm farms, raising chickens and feeding the chooks.

Our woodworking shed has become very popular and you would be encouraged to learn new skills using a variety of tools to construct an assortment of wooden products.

Many of the people who enjoy the activities at EcoPark have now created their own home gardens while others are now raising cihckens and producing eggs.

EcoStore provides a retail outlet to sell much of the produce from EcoPark.

Many of the vegetables are prepared and cooked in our own registered kitchen where we make an assortment of sauces, chutneys, relishes and jams.  Other seasonal vegetables, potted herbs and colour are available together with our chicks and eggs.

A variety of craft items made by people at Shepparton Access are also available.

EcoStore provides an experience for you to further your work skills, communicate with customers, practice using money and to become part of our local community.

Come into EcoStore and explore the large variety of items which are on display and purchase your favourite products.