Courses Available

Pre-Accredited Courses

Literacy and Numeracy

Cooking with Numbers
The course will provide opportunities for learners to increase their knowledge and skills in the area of numeracy in relation to life skills in the kitchen. (total of 60 hours).

Language & Literacy in the Community
Learners will increase verbal and sign communication exchanges. Use basic technology language skills, read and write simple messages and forms, work with numbers and money in familiar environments. (total of 60 hours)


Vocational Courses

Taster in Horticulture
This course increases knowledge and skills in a variety of different ways of growing, your favorite vegetable.Learners will research and “best practice” safety practices and will experiment and document improved methodologies for growth and quality vegetable crops. Learners will also explore opportunities for companion planting to improve productivity. The course prepares learners for further study in the area of horticulture.
(total of 90 hours).

Introduction to Hospitality -Safety in the Kitchen
This course will provide an opportunity to understand common hazards in the kitchen and practice safe food preparation skills. Understand the need to include the five food groups when planning a meal and snacks. Practice cooking techniques to prepare learners for independent living, read and understand information on food labels. Create a recipe folio to plan and prepare nutritional meals at home.  (total of 100 hours).


Employment Skills

Becoming Worksafe
Learners will be able to increase knowledge and skills in the area of work, health and safety. (total 60 hours)

Beyond Basic Computer Skills
Further maturity of information technology has changed work and daily lives. Application of computers is penetrating further in day to day tasks. Online banking, online shopping, checking weather, finding public transport options, reading maps, online study, interacting with government and non government services, social networking, finding and applying for work.  (total of 60 hours)

Using Technology
Learners will gain an understanding of the role of technology in the classroom and in the workplace, increasing skills when using a variety of forms of technology. Learners will practice operating technology effectively and investigate eLearning opportunities. (total of 60 hours)


Course Fees
The enrollment fee is $59.00. Learners need to provide a copy of their Disability Support Pension Card/Health Care/Medicare Card upon enrollment.


Shepparton Access acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government