Courses Available

Non Accredited Courses

Literacy and Numeracy

Creative Writing
The course will provide opportunities for learners to increase their written and verbal communication language and literacy skills and ability to relate their thoughts and ideas through a variety of mediums. The knowledge and skills developed will be valuable tools for learner’s journey into accredited education and/or employment. (total of 120 hours).

Adult Literacy and Numeracy
Learners will increase knowledge and skills in the area of numeracy in relation to life skills in the kitchen. (total of 60 hours)


Vocational Courses

Introduction to Horticulture - Home Grown Vegetables
This course increases knowledge and skills in a variety of different ways of growing, your favourite vegetable.Learners will research and “best practice” safety practices and will experiment and document improved methodologies for growth and quality vegetable crops. Learners will also explore opportunities for companion planting to improve productivity. The course prepares learners for further study in the area of horticulture.
(total of 66 hours).

Introduction to Horticulture - Hydroponics

The course will explore the variety of gardening mediums and their influence on the growth of a variety of plants. Hydroponics can be used by the home gardener to extend to growing season plants and to grow multiple crops of plants in a very small back garden. This course prepares learners for further study in the area of horticulture at GO TAFE. (total of 66 hours).

Introduction to Hospitality -Safety in the Kitchen
Safety in the kitchen will provide some basic information and skills for learners to continue to understand the role of the Occupational Health and Safety in the kitchen. This course will prepare learners for enrolment in further study in the area of Hospitality either at GO TAFE or one of the local RTO providers.  (total of 66 hours).

Introduction to Hospitality - What’s for dinner
The course will provide an opportunity to explore a variety of foods, different methods of cooking and the planning and preparing a variety of economical and nutritious family meals. This course will prepare learners for enrolment in further study in the area of hospitality at GO TAFE or one of the local RTO providers (total of 66 hours).

Introduction to Information Technology - Digital Photography
Information technology helps learners identify equipment and specifications for digital imaging, transfer an image fro a digital camera onto a computer,process and output digital pictures, use scanner and image editing software, utilise digital cameras to their potential. (total of 60 hours)


Employment Skills

Taster in Volunteering

Learners will be able to understand the principles of volunteering and identify the variety of volunteer positions in the local community. The course will cover the relevant policies and procedures for both volunteering and employment work places. Learners will have the opportunity to engage in volunteer activities in the local community. (total 40 hours)

Taster in Future Learning
Future Learning focuses on building awareness of availability of accredited courses in the community. Learn practical skills required for future learning and explore courses available for enrollment for course choice. (total of 120 hours)

Using Technology
Learners will gain an understanding of the role of technology in the classroom and in the workplace, increasing skills when using a variety of forms of technology. Learners will practice operating technology effectively and investigate eLearning opportunities. (total of 60 hours)


Course Fees
The enrollment fee is $59.00. Learners need to provide a copy of their Disability Support Pension Card/Health Care Hard upon enrollment.


Shepparton Access acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government