Increasing your Life Skills

Everyone enjoys the opportunity to increase their life skills and to become more independent at home and in the community. The many programs, both group programs and individual activities provide opportunities for you to increase your life skills. 


Some favourite activities include:

· Preparing food for family meals.

· Practicing handling money and buying your lunch.

· Learning to use the town buses, taxis and Vline.

· Planning to obtain your Learners Permit.

· Increasing your skills when using computers and ipads.

· Practising the skills of basic first aid.


Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Promoting health and wellbeing is essential for us all.  A variety of activities can provide opportunities for you to improve your general health, learn about nutrition and fitness and to join in the community activities with others.


You may wish to choose:

 · A morning walk with friends.

 Bike riding along the many bike trails.

· Sailing with Shepparton Sailability on Victoria Park Lake.

· Joining a class of yoga and tai chi.

· Sector leading Drama Program.

· Regular visits to the gym.

· Swimming



Encouraging Sport & Leisure

Sport and leisure activities provide a variety of new opportunities for you to try new things, learn additional skills and to become involved in the community.


You may wish to join in:

 · Ten pin bowling or lawn bowls.

· Learn new sports such as life badminton and life ball.

· Being a member of our netball team.

· Play football with the GV Stars.

· Many of the community arts and craft classes.

· Making our own jewellery and scrapbooking.


Continuing Education

Continuing education is a terrific step on the path the lifelong learning. Many people have enrolled in our continuing education courses, and have enjoyed the challenge of further education.  Our pre-accredited courses have assisted many people to improve literacy and numeracy and their potential to join the work force in the future.

Courses which are very popular are Horticulture at EcoPark and Hospitality in our registered kitchen and at Eco Store, Numeracy, Literacy and Cyber Safety.

At Shepparton Access we can also support you to enrol in a range of courses of interest at Go Tafe and other Learn Local organisations.


Preparing for Work Experience and Work


It is very exciting when you choose to pursue a pathway to employment.   A variety of work experience opportunities are available for you to gain employment skills in areas such as:

· Hair dressing

· Crew member in a fast food restaurant

· Kitchen hand

· Grounds person and gardenter

· Vet's assistant

· Storeman

· Aged care

· Car detailing

· Retail assistant

· Office work

The key to the outstanding achievements of every person participating in work experience is our Community Partnership Initiative.  The Initiative has inspired and motivated a variety of businesses and organisations to break down their barriers and to promote community inclusion.  They have all enjoyed having a person from Shepparton Access as part of their workforce.